Saturday, May 21, 2005

Denver Backing Away from Breed Ban Legislation

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The City of Denver has apparently discovered that a 'round up and kill' strategy might just create more havoc publicly than it was originally intended to quell. Obviously, it has animal rights activists throughout the U.S. readying to pounce on shoddy legislation policies.

With the clear intent to aggressively fight back against those who would shred our Constitutional Rights without regard for civil liberties and the protections guaranteed American citizens, Denver legislators are scrambling for cover.

It is not time to back down. It is time to uncover which politicians drafted the Breed Ban Legislation proposals and which ones supported it so they can be replaced in the next election. If they were so willing to lay aside the Constitutional Rights of the people they were elected to protect, they are unfit for office.

Further, at this time it is unknown how many Pit Bulls were handed over as demanded and subsequently destroyed. We need this information so a class action lawsuit can formally proceed. Please share any information you have with us, publicizing the plight of the caregivers who were forced to forfeit their canine companions.

The City of Denver will, of course, seek to control damages by offering a token 'award' to those individuals involved.

While the Denver situation represents a significant victory in itself, we must recognize the inherent threat it represents. Denver is known as one of the areas where particularly bold legislation is first enacted so that legislators can get an idea of the level of tolerance they can expect from the American public.

Breed Specific Legislation is pending in many communities throughout the U.S. and must not be tolerated. Instead, we need honest, effective investigators, law enforcement personnel and district attorneys who will address the two primary issues that have led to Breed Specific Legislation: 1] Legislation designed to strengthen the dog fighting laws already on the books by aggressively pursuing and prosecuting dog fighting afficionados, and 2] outlawing chronic chaining of canines that has clearly been shown to lead to aggressive behavior.

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The US Animal Protection Team

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The USAnimalProtection Blog

Welcome, Friends!

This blog is going to be an important facet of the work of US Animal Protection. We want your thoughts and ideas, concerns and successes to be a vital part of the work of this organization and providing a forum for all of us to share information in a timely and concise manner is key to our success. We welcome your participation!

Of course we are all concerned about the Breed Ban legislation [and fallout] happening in Denver. How horrible for these animals and their caregivers to have to endure such callous and inhumane treatment!

Beyond the sheer ridiculousness of this action, there is an even larger picture: this legislation is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. We are guaranteed in our civil liberties to be free from illegal search and seizure. According to the Constitution, Congress shall pass NO LAW that violates the Constitution. Thus, this law is ILLEGAL and we need a civil rights attorney to represent us in order to have it declared illegal and subsequently abolished.

Since this is a top priority, we are raising funds to hire the necessary legal team to push forward this agenda and will be having rallies to reverse breed ban legislation so that instead of having to fight this issue on a case by case basis, we will succeed in having such legislation properly declared unConstitutional, thereby negating the need for ongoing litigation and eliminating the threat of breed bans throughout the United States.

We need your support. It is imperative that this information be shared with those persons living in areas that have or are considering breed bans. You will find a template on our site ready to print and post. Just go to

We need people to arrange to pass these out in effected areas such as Denver. Time is of the essence and if we hope to gain an injunction preventing them from continuing to round up these defenseless animals we must act quickly!

Call us if you have questions! 1.888.710. 4184. You will find people willing to make contributions to stop this legistlation, contact us for a receipt pad. If you wish to provide baked goods and set up an information stand at WalMart, Sam's or other outlets, we can assist in getting this high traffic placement for you. Contact us for details.

Otherwise, circulate these notices everywhere and put them on every bulletin board and in every publication possible -- particularly in Denver and other places in which this legislation is being passed. There is nothing on our site that is not covered under the Fair Use Act, so you are free to use [and distribute] anything posted.

Thank You for your efforts!

The US Animal Protection Team